Taking Clay Pottery Classes with Friends


Preparing Clay for Pottery

There are many different ways to acquire clay. It can be bought through craft or pottery shops. It can also be ordered online. Few people...


Selecting and Preparing Clay

Many pottery shops that have classes seem to be a bit expensive. Since clay is relatively inexpensive and found all over the world, many people...


A Relaxing Pottery Night Out

It is becoming more and more popular for a group of people to get together to craft. Quilting has long been a group activity. Quilting...


Painting Pottery Together

Whether a couple or a group decides to enjoy an artistic experience together, they will have created a set of shared memories for all of...

Nearly every activity is better when shared with friends. Pottery is no different, and taking a pottery class with friends makes it special. While learning, each person can talk and enjoy the company of those they know. Learning together also reinforces memories. It helps each person to remember how to do something because someone might have laughed, or made a comment. Sharing memories helps people to retain thoughts, ideas and skills. Taking a class that requires manual skills may be just the ticket when friends are willing to go too. Learning and laughing together creates the best memories.